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Egyptian Society of Genetic Science
The Egyptian Journal of Genetics and Cytology is published twice a year (January and July in one volume of approximately pp. 300 by the Egyptian Society of Genetics, Egypt). Subscription of the journal to individuals is $ 40.00 a year plus $ 12.00 for postage. Subscription price to institution is $ 100.00 per year plus $ 12.00 for postage. The journal is open to all papers of original work in Genetics, Cytology and related subjects. Manuscripts and all editorial correspondences should be mailed (by registered AIR MAIL) to the Editor, Department of Genetics. Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cairo, Giza, Egypt.

Egyptian Society of Genetic Science
Cost of publication is $10.00/page for internationals or 20 L.E./page for Egyptians to the 10th pages and double that price for each extra page and each figure or table. The cost for colored figures is 300 L.E./Figure. All checks or money orders should be addressed to “The Egyptian Society of Genetics” Subscriptions are to be ordered through the office of the secretary, Department of Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cairo, Giza, Egypt Notice of changes address should be sent to the secretary.

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Effect of variation in the adrenergic receptor BETA 3 (ADRβ3) gene on wool traits in Barki sheep.
Marker-assisted selection for yield and quality traits in some grape cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.).
Chitinase and cellulase genes sequencing for some Egyptian Trichoderma species isolated from rhizosphere and assay of their activity.
The effect of some antioxidants on blackening and growth of In vitro culture of banana (Musa spp.cv. Grand Naine).
Exploring polymorphism and effects of the IGFIR gene on productive life in Barki ewes.
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